We decided to go out for dinner

It's summertime and the days are lazy. Sometimes I just want to plop myself down on the couch and stay there until someone yells, "Bedtime!" But, with two kids and a WAHH(work at home hubby) it's kind of next to impossible to achieve. So, I whine a little and I humph and grumph and then I get an idea. "Let's go out to eat!!"

Everyone was game for going out to eat, however, this going out had a twist. We'd drive to Bass Lake and have dinner in the great outdoors. Why not? The air was cool, the kids weren't fully played out yet and the hubby needed a break from that monster of job he has. I also needed a little change of scenery. So, I packed up some grub for griling, some side dishes and some fresh dessert and got my pack ready for dining out. It was a glorious dining experience indeed!

The kids also found this fuzzy little guy roaming around our picnic area. What a cutie!


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