Tune In Thursday

Play. Listen. Smile.


Good Morning, Moon

The moon this morning hung like a bulb
She hung in purple dawn
And though I crept through traffic thick
To her my eyes were drawn

No scars were there that I perceived
Nor pits, nor jaded face
Just one bright light whose majesty
Hung there in utter grace


I love a moon in the morning. There is something quite magical to see a moon big and bright and round at breaking dawn. Good morning, Moon!


A Story for you

One Friday two lovebirds decided to have an outing.

Found at lepetitelefant's etsy shop

They decided they'd travel to London.

Image found on Flickr

No, they decided on Paris instead.

Image from We Heart It

They ate yummy food and then took a little ride around the countryside.

Found at Mis Nopales Art's etsy shop

They felt truly in love.

Found on Pinterest

And then they went to bed.

The end.


A little yarn'll do ya

One of the big things for me this year is finishing up some old projects (and starting new ones). I FINALLY finished the Purl Bee's Elisa's Nest Tote. Can I get a Whoo Hoo?! I'm embarrassed to admit that this project took me over a year and a half to finish. And it wasn't because the pattern was hard it was because I didn't want to tackle the handles. They are tediously long. I was super lazy about it and kept making excuses for why I couldn't finish it. Then one day I said, "Enough!" and I got busy. I'm glad I kicked myself into gear. This bag is so handy for carrying my store bought veggies.

The lace pattern reminds me of honeycombs. I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted Yarn in Semolina on straight #7s.

I also finished another Fresco Basket Whip Cowl. I love this knit because it's so pretty and it keeps me on my toes with the lace pattern. I used Lion Wool Yarn in Pearl Gray on DPNs #8.

I am now working on Knitty's Lace Ribbon Scarf. It's such a pretty pattern and probably one I can wear in the spring. Well, that's if I finish it before summer. I've been taking it a wee bit slow. It's a relaxing knit for me so I'm enjoying the time just knitting and meditating on each stitch. I'm using Knit Picks Palette Yarn in Sweet Potato on straight #4s.

I guess this year could be the Year of the Lace for me too. It seems I've been drawn to lacey patterns. Lace makes me happy.


Is the Universe talking to you?

I've been on a journey for a while now. I guess we all are on a journey. A journey of self-discovery and letting go of crap that has filled our minds with negativity. It's been a slow walk for me with some blocked paths. There also have been some tough hills to climb, muddy paths to trudge through and a few obstacles to overcome. But, a voice keeps me going. I believe it to be the voice of the Universe. Some people may call it God or Allah or Buddha or even Jesus. But, it's a compassionate voice wanting the best for me. A voice that cheers me on and tells me everything will be okay when I feel everything is going to hell in a handbasket. Do you hear the Universe talking to you sometimes? Do you listen for it?

I stumbled upon Avasa & Matty Love's song, "What if", via Your Joyologist. It fits how I feel right now in this moment so perfectly. I'm so grateful this song fills my ears when I need it to.


The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman is never cute. He's never up to any good. And once he's stuck in your mind you can't seem to get him out. My poor son has had trouble falling asleep these past two nights because he keeps thinking a "robber" will break into our house and scare us. My son also says this "robber" has a gun. It's breaking my heart to know this image is wreaking havoc in his mind. We are having a tough time reassuring him that everything will be okay. No amount of singing, gentle meditation breathing or sweet stories has been able to clear the image from his head.

And I kind of know what he's experiencing. I can lay awake for hours under the covers with my heart beating a million times a minute when I freak myself out at night before bedtime with a Boogeyman image. Imagination can be good thing but only when you are dreaming of rainbows and sunny skies and little bees that sing, "High Hopes".

So, finally after 30 minutes of laying in bed with my son and holding him close for safety I am now typing away on my keyboard listening to his soft breathing as he sleeps. The lights are off so I don't disturb the kids. The house is quiet too... maybe a little too quiet.


Dear Mother Nature,

You really surprise me. We decided to have dinner in North Fork at La Cabana and enjoyed the 25 minute drive east. You created a beautiful sky of big, fat, gray clouds for our drive, but no rain. Why do you tease? As we sat enjoying our absolutely delicious dinner (I had Shrimp Diabla which was food for the soul!) it started to snow. You funny girl, you! You are a mysterious one. I just never know what you will have in store for us. I do have to say Thank You though. The kids absolutely LOVED the suprise.




It's quiet today. I am listening to the Pink Martini channel on Pandora and looking out my "office" window at the rain coming down. It's not a bad way to work. I'm not complaining.

This song played and inspired me to grab my camera and take the above picture. Mood music.


Familiar Ground

There's a sense of peace when walking familiar ground. You know how much further you have until you reach your destination. You know the parts where you will start to breathe a little heavier and your heart will beat a little faster. You know when to stop and visit the ol' spot. You hear sounds you remember hearing on previous walks. Familiar ground provides a momentary safe haven. It reminds you of where you are in time.

Our short hike up Revis Lane East always brings a calm feeling of solitude. You feel far up away from everything, but still in the heart of it.