"They could not remember a time - Until now, that forever didn't seem long enough."
-Curly Girl Designs

9 years ago today we shared our first kiss as Mister and Missus. I still get butterflies when our lips touch. Thank you for sharing this journey with me. You fill up my senses.

Happy Anniversary, Hon.


WOW! We didn't have giant cats at my old school.

I'm looking forward to October and not just because we get to celebrate Halloween at the end of the month. Making Fiends will finally be accessible via our TV instead of just the internet. Nickelodeon picked up this quirky, strange and albeit sometimes dark cartoon from Amy Winfrey. The main characters are Vendetta and Charlotte. Vendetta is this evil little girl and Charlotte is the good, happy-go-lucky one. I love how evil and good battle eachother out each episode with good always the victor. The hubby doesn't care for it, but the kids and I have been drawn to it like bugs to a light since we were introduced to it close to a year ago. So, to see it come to a bigger screen gets a major "WAHOO!"

If you have 3 and half minutes to spare, check out web Episode 1. Making fiends, making fiends, Vendetta's always making fiends while Charlotte maaakkes friends.


I'll take life with a side of sewing

I finally got motivated to sew something. Or rather I finally got motivated to fit in some time to sew something. I'm typically anxious to sew something, but getting the time to do it occurs very rarely these days. I usually wake up thinking I have all the time in the world only to discover that by mid-day nothing I had planned actually made it out of my head.

I had been eyeing the Bedside Caddy over at Husqvarna Viking waiting for that moment for it to become something more than just a dancing thought. And then that moment finally arrived! Audrey was very pleased with the outcome. And she now has a place for books and schtuff.


Summer is over. Kids are in school. Cue the ugly cry.

School started on Monday and my littlest one was off to Kindergarten class for the very first time. Excuse me for a moment. I'm vechlemt. Talk amongst yourselves.

Okay. I'm better now.

Sending the littlest one off to school didn't come so easy for me. It actually was like a punch in the stomach. The kind of punch that you see coming and you know it's gonna hurt like hell, but you just stand there letting it all happen anyways. And I really don't know why I got so emotional. The kids going off to school was an inevitable event. But, I guess the realization that there would be no more little ones running through the hall while I typed away for work kinda got me. I would not be needed, in the motherly way, for a few hours. There would be quiet. The kind of quiet that isn't normal. It's the kind that creeps up on you letting you know that you miss someone. Sheesh, the way of life that I had grown accustomed to for some 5 years would be forever changed. I would change. Audrey would change. Luke would change. I know, I know. Change can be good. But, there would be no more real babies at home. That reality was bittersweet.

So, did they miss me as much as I missed them? Heck no! Their first week of school was a blast. They made some new friends and enjoyed some mother-freeness. I also relaxed a little during the week and realized I'd survive. And I started to remember all those crazy mornings of trying to work and trying to fulfill my kids. You know, those times when Crabby Mom and her super Crabby powers were in full force. And that's when I sat back and embraced the "quiet".


Just in case you were wondering...

Is Osama President?

I was pretty sure I knew the answer to this and IsOsamaPresident.com clarified everything. They give you a pretty straight forward answer. Right on. Good to know.


Ponder This

To be what we are, and to become what we are
capable of becoming, is the only end of life.

-Robert Louis Stephenson

Who am I really? I'm always asking myself questions like this. At times I feel I am many different people (not in a freaky Sybil kinda way) and I know I am still "me". And are we essentially the same people we were at, say, 8 years old? That 8-year-old is still in there somewhere, right? She's the one that colored endlessly and cartwheeled to her heart's delight. She was a little shy and she devoured books like they were candy. I catch glimpses of her every now and then.

But now, at 35, who am I? I know I have a core, but the edges of me are a little blurry. I'm searching right now, trying to get a clearer image of that 35-year-old. And here I thought I was done searching when I hit 31. I thought I had a pretty clear image of who I was. I was comfortable.

At 35 I'm feeling a little restless. It's almost the same feeling I had at 18. It's a feeling of wanting to do a greater good, to put myself out there in the thick of things, to give more, to learn more, to be what I think I'm capable of becoming. We are able to become more than what we are at any given moment.

So, another journey awaits. There are seemingly endless roads of self-discovery. The gas tank is full.


What a little gentleman

Here is a brief, but sweet conversation between my boy and our little friend who lives next door.

Luke: Carina, do you want a banana?
Carina: Sure.

Luke climbs up on the countertop and grabs two bananas. He hands Carina hers and starts unpeeling his.

Luke: Oh. Is your banana a little mushy? I'm sorry. So is mine.
Carina: That's okay.
Luke: Would you like a napkin for your banana.
Carina: No thanks.
Luke: How 'bout a knife so you can cut it up? (The kid knives are plastic)
Carina: Nope.
Luke: Okay.

He then gives Carina a huge smile.

I couldn't resist giving him a hug and a big,wet kiss on his cheek and thanking him for being so kind. Whatta guy!


What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I always look forward to getting away for summer vacation. The hubby is relaxed and not thinking about work. The kids are full of life and energy. I'm on the low down and taking it easy on myself and the fam. Hey, there's no laundry to do or house to clean! Suh-weet!

This year we ventured back to Monterey Dunes. We love visiting the beach and being able to stay in a home that is on the beach is pretty close to heaven for us. The kids got to fly kites and run from the waves. The in-laws vacationed with us which was really nice and my parents stayed with us one night too. It's so wonderful to be able to watch the sun slowly set with family in tote.

We were able to spend one afternoon at the Monterey Bay Aquarium which was a treat. I could have sat and watched the jellyfish all day, but the kids wanted to get back to the beach. Running away from the waves is a favorite past time of theirs.

After we had our fill of the sand and sea we ventured to Napa Valley for one truly unique Safari adventure at Safari West. It was a totally neat place that made us feel we were thousands and thousands of miles away from home. The "safari" is situated on 400 acres in Santa Rosa, California and houses zebras, giraffes, antelope, lemurs and many other animals. We stayed in an authentic African Safari tent complete with a shower, sink and toilet. To the kid's disamay there was no t.v. The got along fine though sitting out on the deck at night watching the giraffes and playing Crazy 8's and Old Maid.

On our second afternoon at Safari West we hopped on board an official safari vehicle and explored the napa "seringeti". It was an exciting 3-hour tour that brought us up close to a lot of the animals. It will be a trip we'll always remember.

The drive home was bittersweet. We absolutely loved our summer vacation, but we missed our cat, Max, and we missed our home. John wasn't ready to call summer vacation quits so we stopped off at Calaveras Big Trees State Park for some fun play in the Stanislaus River. It was a perfect way to prepare us for the long drive home.

As we drove home along Highway 140 we sadly witnessed the early beginnings of the Telegraph Fire. It was scary to see how quickly a fire spreads. Homes were being evacuated and our heart goes out to all of those affected. A big, warm cheer for the firemen trying to get that fire under control. It's a tough day's job for sure. And the fire made us miss home even more. It reminded us how grateful we are to have what we have.

Here are just a few pics from our trip. Click on the image for a larger view.



BLACK KIDS - I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance

I want to be in this band. I could totally just grab a tambourine and put myself right between the two girls and rock away. Everything about this song makes me want to groove and sing out loud. And when I get to 2:55, I just want to get up out of my computer chair and throw my hands up in the air and twirl, twirl, twirl, twirl...