Another World

We've been back from vacation for almost two weeks now. It was a vacation that changed my perspective on so many things. I came back home wanting more of the simplicity and pure joy that filled so many of my days while away.

So, as a family, we are taking small (very small) steps toward that simplicity. We are not letting work and computers and phones govern our lives as much they have. I'm trying to ground myself more to "home" and not wanting more "things". It's hard to do considering I want to buy every little cute pen or sticker or card or shirt or etc... that I see.

The Mexican Riviera was beautiful. Our hotel was awesome. Being able to spend time with my sister and her family was a treasure. Falling into a new kind of nature was bliss.

We had so much fun climbing pyramids, driving through the crazy streets of Playa Del Carmen, kayaking through mangroves, playing in the warm Caribbean, eating delicious local food, swimming in a gorgeous pool, drinking Green Juice and Tamarindo margaritas, napping on beach beds, cooling ourselves off in cenotes, biking through the jungle, and really spending time with eachother without the typical interruptions of work or a computer.

Why can't the vacation mindset stay with me in my normal daily life? I know it can. What makes me give in to the lure of checking the computer? Things are going to change for me... one little step at a time.

It's hard for me to share pictures because how can I just choose a few out of a hundred to tell this beautiful story?



I haven't done much today. Most days I would feel guilty. Most days I'd be a little disappointed that I didn't accomplish more. But, not today. Today I was grateful for my moments of not being anywhere and not checking off a "to do" list. Today I rested in savasana. I laid down, closed my eyes and listened.