Could be an interesting holiday gift for the Clean Freak or Greenie in your fam

photo via Etsy

I am gaga over these felted dryer balls. I have been using mine for about half a year now and wish I had them many, many moons ago. They really do work in your dryer by helping seperate the clothes during tossing for a shorter drying time which saves energy and money on your PG&E bills. Yay! Plus, they are almost waste-free. No more fabric sheets to toss in the trash. I only use 3 balls, but most people recommend 6. I've been doing okay with 3 but I may end up buying a few more for the new year since I still get a little static cling. Zap!

I purchased mine from Farm Fresh Fiber on Etsy. She's a great seller and you can buy some balls with a little lavender oil to give your clothes an oh-so-fresh scent.


Am I alone?

On cloudy days do you ever pretend that you live in the 15th century somewhere in England or Scotland and your name is Rowan or Mathilde or Cybele and you have really, really long, wavy black hair, a creamy perfect complexion and your wearing this gorgeous velvety green dress with a braided golden belt hanging loosely around your waist and your running through this field of tall grass because you see your handsome lover across the way and he's running to meet you and some farmer or some farmer's daughter is playing the harp and you can hear its muffled tune drifting through the air?


Yeah, um, *clears throat*, me neither.


Making wishes

It's cold outside. There is some green on the ground, but the fallen leaves have hidden most of it. I'm dreaming of dandelions and hoping to make some wishes soon...

This song is so gentle and soft that it floats through you just like the dandelion in the wind after you've kissed it with your breath to make your wish. Kesang Marstrand is my new favorite voice.



image via Fluffy Flowers

I've had a really busy week. It's been a hectic week. It's been one of those weeks where you can't believe you actually stayed sane. At least I think I'm still sane. Don't ask the husband.

Today on the drive back home from dropping the kids of at school I stopped at the STOP sign that I stop at a thousand times and I looked up. The ruffly grayish white clouds were amazing against a very light blue sky. I took in a deep breath... and then sighed. My wholed body sighed with me. I let go of the tension. I let go of the busy-ness. I let go of the future and embraced the now. The now was so beautiful and peaceful and loving. One single moment reminded me to take time to see what I was missing during the "rush" of it all. I just had to stop.