I'll take this one... and that one... oh, and that one too!

Oh My Gosh! Best. T-shirt. Ever!

And, this one... So. Cool. Totally!

All of Out of Print's t-shirts are wearable in the cutest possible way. They make great gifts for the book nerd in your family (even if that person happens to be yourself). I saw this link on Marla, Plain & Small's blog. She has good food, crafts and schtuff to share.


Be kind to your body

During the holidays I am the worst procrastinator ever when it comes to being kind to my body. Exercise goes to the wayside. Healthy eating gets pushed aside by faster food options. And mindfulness... what's that? It's a terrible way to be and I excuse it by telling myself "I'm too busy" or "This has to be done before that can be done". This year I'm challenging myself to NOT give in to lame excuses and instead keep tabs on my health.

Kind Over Matter is helping me by offering a Be Kind To Your Body Challenge. Thank goodness for other people who take an awesome lead. These type of people are so appreciated. They definitely give you the kick in the arse that you need.

So, today is my Day 2 of the challenge. I've been able to fight the urge to dip into the Halloween Candy jar because I'm tracking what I eat on LoseIt.com. It is nowhere near easy because after working, cleaning and running the kids around all afternoon all I want to do is rip off my jeans, throw on my comfy pjs, plop myself on the couch and munch on sweety, salty goodness.

I took a pic of my breakfast this morning because it looked so pretty. And it was super yummy and filling as well!

Brown Rice Rice Cake topped with peanut butter, strawberries, blackberries, bananas and blueberries sided with Oregon Chai's Peppermint Original. Mmmmmm.

Three cheers for health! Hip! Hip! Hooray!


Giving Thanks

Are you prepping for the big day? I'm talking about Thanksgiving. I'm hosting this year and I'm getting a wee bit nervous. I'm going to have lots of help from my sis and my mom, but hosting brings all kinds of strange energy. I want to have fun, relax and have a totally wonderful atmosphere so my guests can do the same. We'll see how it goes. If I blog after the event, you'll know I survived.

Since I'll have just as many kids as adults in the household come next Thursday, I decided that Paper Glitter's Thanksgiving/Fall Kit will be perfect. Isn't it cute??!

I haven't decided if the adults will get the same table treatment. I may go simple for them.

The holidays are bringing so much excitement. Blogland is getting in the spirit too. There are so many holiday goodies that it just makes me scream with joy. I want to do everything. Information Overload! I don't want to suffer alone, so take a peek at a few that caught my eye:

12 days of Christmas Advent Calendar (A free printable! *swoon*)
Russian Friendship Tea (Simple, Pretty and Tasty.)
Little Wooden Gnomes (These are totally adorable. I'm having our Girl Scout Troop make them.)