Luke's Colorful Dragon Smoothie

The boy wanted a smoothie and he wanted to come up with the ingredients himself. So, he opened the fridge, grabbed a few things and we blended away. Pretty darn good turnout if you ask me.

Luke's Colorful Dragon Smoothie

4 strawberries
6 grapes
1 banana
6 frozen pineapple chunks
5 frozen mango chunks
1 heaping teaspoon of Strawberry Nesquik
1 1/2 cups milk
3/4 cups crushed ice

Mix all together in a blender. Pour in a glass. Top with whipped cream. Enjoy! *Makes about 24 fluid ounces


Major Rewind

It's Sunday night and I find myself with some time to write. How sweet it is! I've been wanting to recap a day trip I took on Mother's Day weekend because it was so very, very awesome. It was an early Saturday with a clear, blue sky. The sun was shining and the anticipation of spending a day with my Mom and sister was pure joy. So, we loaded the van and began a wonderful journey of sights, smells and tastes.

Our day was spent at Squaw Valley Herb Gardens in Squaw Valley, California. Squaw Valley is a teeny tiny town in the Central Valley with golden hills and sparse oaks. When we arrived at the "garden" we weren't expecting the lush beauty that greeted us.

We knew immediately we were in store for something truly special. And special it was! Rosemary, owner and teacher, wowed us with her vast knowledge and wisdom of herbs. She introduced me for the first time to Lemon Balm (Melissa). She paired a few leaves of Melissa with sliced apple and the combination was a feast for the taste buds! After a wonderful tour around the garden Rosemary treated us to a delicious homemade tea of ginger and honey. We were then given a yummy appetizer of crackers topped with cream cheese, fresh cut chives and their edible purple flowers.

Everything at the gardens was enchanting. Rosemary truly knows how to showcase not only the physical beauty of the herbs, but she captures their natural savour and makes you long to know as much as she does. Everywhere we walked we were greeted with perfect photographic scenes.

Towards the end of our visit we enjoyed a light vegetarian lunch of organic treats. Rosemary happens to be an awesome cook as well! Our plate of food was not only pretty to look at, but delicious as well. It included a spinach quiche, a cucumber and beet salad and a cous cous salad. Yum!

Our visit is still vivid in my mind and I long to recreate the tastes and smells. If you ever find yourself in the Central Valley please plan on stopping by Squaw Valley Herb Gardens. Rosemary's tours should not be missed. They are true gifts to the soul. Our souls were definitely enriched.


Tune In Thursday. It's somebody's birthday, yo!

My littlest man turned 8 today. He's such the character. Not a day goes by without him trying to make us laugh. He's pretty good at it. I went through old pics today and I couldn't help but cry for the baby he used to be. Oh they grow up way too fast.

Here's a mix in honor of his birthday. 8 of his favorite tunes to celebrate his 8 years on planet earth. Rock on!


Schoooooool's out for Summer

The sun is shining. There's not a cloud up in the sky and it looks super blue. The temp is a magical 79 degrees. Can the last day of school be any more perfect? I think not.

Oh Summer always holds so much excitement. It's all PJs, spontaneity, crafts and adventures from here on out. And this Summer promises to be a whole new world for us. I will reveal more later. But for now, Happy Last Day of School (even to those who have a few more days or a couple more weeks)!!!

They are soooo excited!

Ohmygosh, last walk to class as 2nd and 4th graders.

In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between, there are doors.
~William Blake