I changed my mind

Today I woke up and I wanted to:

~Stay in bed with the covers over my head and not work, or get breakfast and lunches ready

~Eat a really bad breakfast with lots of sugar and no nutritional value whatsoever

~Drink coffee

~Dwell on what I think I'm doing wrong as "Mom"

After a little chat with my hubby (Thank you, Hon!) I ended up:

~Greeting the sun with a smile and doing the daily routine happily

~Ate a healthy egg salad sandwich with a bowl of fruit for breakfast

~Drank more water

~Took a nice walk around the lake to clear my mind and re-center myself

Sometimes I just need a little shake to get me going. I'm grateful for the "shakers" in my life.


Food on the brain

I'm not a food blogger. Usually I'm so darn hungry or tired from making and/or baking that I don't take the time to grab snapshots of what we're eating. But, today I did! I was reading a few food blogs this morning and they inspired me to document my food. Right after work I got busy and made these delicious (mmmmmm, mmmmmm, delicous) Lemon Meringue Cupcakes from Omnomicon's site. These cupcakes literally melt in your mouth.

And after dessert we had a delightful lunch. Yes, you read that right. We ate dessert first. Heck, why not? I was inspired by Kiwi Magazine's newest e-mag, Kiwi SLICE to make these scrumptious Parsnip Fries. I paired them with a a hearty green salad of butter lettuce, red leaf lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, snap peas, yellow sweet pepper, spring onions, radishes and drizzled with Good Seasonings dressing. Sorry for the blurry pic. I was focusing on the parsnips and the salad got the short end of the stick.

Now, tonight I have to do something with all the rutabagas I have. Anyone have any good recipes?


Mini books

It's Friday night. The kids are with the Grandparents. The hubby and I were watching the "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnussus", but he ended up falling asleep on me so now here I sit in front of the computer frustrated with my low-scores on Bejeweled Blitz 2. To cure me from the can't-get-a-friggin-decent-score-on-such-an-easy-random-game blues I'm blogging. Yay blog!

This past Thursday was Pay it Forward Day and I made some mini-coloring books for the kids. I'd like to do some full-size ones soon.

I had so much fun making the books and the kids were so happy to receive them. Little A even decided to make her own version for me! I'll have to put up some pics of hers in my next post.

And totally unrelated to this post in any way shape or form... I can't stop listening to F*** Was I by Jenny Owen Youngs. It has a catchy tune and for some odd reason I really enjoy saying the f-word. Go figure.