Day 28 I Love

... my little family. I couldn't make it without them.

So ends my "I Love" posts. I realized finding things to love wasn't hard at all... trying to limit the "I Love" things to share on this blog has been.


Day 27 I Love

... a perfect combination of foods; butter chicken, cous cous, cucumber slices with a little lemon and salt, a clementine and some naan.


Day 26 I Love

... knitting.


Day 25 I Love

... this new little being, my niecey.


Day 24 I Love

... reading a good book. I'm keen on this one right now.


Day 23 I Love

... making my own rainbows on super sunny days.


Day 22 I Love

... a morning walk to breathe in the cool air.


Day 21 I Love

... bowling on our President's Day day off.


Day 20 I Love

... french toast for dinner. Yummy!


Day 19 I Love

... fuzzy, warm socks infused with lavender scent and shea butter.


Day 18 I Love

... the color purple and little leaves shaped like hearts. Double love bonus!


Day 17 I Love

... the hope that someone may find this letter and that it may make them smile.

This letter was written on the back of a page from Keri Smith's Wreck This Journal book. The page prompted you to lose the page. I thought it'd be fun to lose it with the hope that someone may find it and be nosy enough to read what I wrote.


Day 16 I Love

... freshly squeezed orange juice. Yum! And the fact that the oranges are from my parent's orange trees only adds to the sweetness.


Day 15 I Love

... a cloud that looks just like cotton candy.


Day 14 I Love

...a hand drawn Valentine from my Valentine.


Day 13 I Love

... sweet Valentine's Day treats.



Day 11 I Love

... the blueness of too blue skies.


Day 10 I Love

... sweet little knitted bracelets with big, chunky buttons.

Needles: Straight size 8
Yarn: Knitpicks Shine Sport in Blush
Pattern: Mini-Bracelet found on Do Stuff!


Day 9 I Love

... knitted "heart" hats. This one was done for my gal for her 10th birthday. It isn't red because blue is her favorite color. I want to do one in red now though.

Needles: Circular 3 and 8
Yarn: Naturally Caron Country in Peacock
Pattern: HeartFail found on Ravelry


Day 8 I Love

... this girl and her blatant disregard for anything polite when it comes to eating ribs. Happy 10th, sweetie!


Day 7 I Love

... the morning sunshine that radiates in my work/craft room. It warms me.


Day 6 I Love

... when your team wins the big game and the strobe light dancing to celebrate the victory.


Day 5 I Love

... parties and her being the reason we are celebrating.


Day 4 I Love

... this cat. And this picture taken by my daughter is really beautiful. She captured our pondering cat, Max, perfectly.


Day 3 I Love

... cool, fun homemade art done by one of my best friends and Audrey Hepburn. She killed two birds with one stone. Happiness.


Day 2 I Love

... a happy little table getting outfitted for Valentine's Day.


I love

... art done by my kiddos. It makes my heart smile.

by Luke, age 7

by Audrey, age 9

After being inspired by the reason behind the 365 Grateful Project I decided that for the month of February it would be fun to take a daily pic of what I love. I love so many things it's hard to pinpoint just one. I hope you play along. If you do, leave a comment and a link to your pics.