I'm feeling pretty stoked today. A lot has to do with the Radiance Goddess Course I'm taking. I'm being more mindful and I love that. This picture of Audrey Hepburn pretty much sums up how I'm feeling.

Good times. Good times


Take a Hike!

Spring has sprung, the air is cool, the sun is shining and it's time to get out and breathe in all the green before it turns brown. After the kids were dropped off at school the hubby and I decided to venture in the great outdoors. Ahhhhh, beauty...

A teeny tiny waterfall

A "river" of wildflowers

A path gated with Silver Bush Lupine

Silver Bush Lupine upclose because it's so darn pretty

My lovely hiking partner up at the top of the trail contemplating life and wearing his fairly-recent-knit The Natural hat

This was really a wonderful way to start our morning. And now I really want to buy this print from The Wheatfield's Shop on Etsy.


Doing Good

I started turning my everday browsing into good. DoGood is a browser plug-in that hides generic advertising and instead shows you cool "green" initiatives, movements for positive social change and health/wellness ideas. As if this wasn't enough, DoGood then donates 50% of their profits to charity, green initiatives and non-profit organizations.

So, now when I'm checking out sites here and there I'm pleasantly surprised to see something like this:

instead of an ad for cellulite cream. Pretty awesome, eh? All is good and I'm smiling.


Beach Bummin'

I dream about the beach almost every day of the year... almost.

Today, I wish I was at the beach because the weather is getting so nice and I feel like laying down in the sun with the water close enough so that when I get too hot I can run and cool my feet in some oceany goodness.

First, I will need a beach. This one will do.

The beach we found at Hacienda Tres Rios in the Riviera Maya

Okay, now I need a comfortable outfit. How 'bout this?

Sandbox Hat by Roxy

Isla Bonita Top by Roxy

Freestyle Boyfriend Shorts by Roxy

Stitched Leather Flip Flop by AE

And, for tunes... you can't go wrong with a little Slackstring.

I'm feeling pretty relaxed now. Let me just lay down and take a nap...


Top o' the evenin' to ya!

I hope your St. Patty's Day has been filled with only good things, like luck and rainbows and little men in green suits with riches. We started our day off right with a Shamrock Shake (recipe via My Little Gems). It was yummy! We'll top off our night with another after tonight's corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.

I'm also in a green knitting mood. I've started another Fresco Basket Whip Cowl. The lace pattern is so pretty. It's hard to see in my pic so I highly suggest following the link to view the pattern whole.

Happy St. Patty's Day!


My blog is carbon neutral - YAY!

You can make your blog carbon neutral too! All you have to do is help Kaufda by posting a blurb about their campaign on your blog, tagging your blog with one of their buttons and then emailing them. Once you've done all of this they will plant a tree in Plumas National Forest (Northern California) for your blog. How cool is that??!

So, what are you waiting for? Go make your blog carbon neutral now.


If I could spare $80 on a dress she'll probably never wear

Has your daughter reached an age where she refuses to wear dresses or skirts? Mine has. I think this dress from Ses Petites Mains may be something she might wear. You can clearly see how well it goes with a pair of chucks.

Betty Shirt Waist found via Cool Mom Picks



My first crush was Elvis. I was three. My next, more mature crush was Corey Haim. The movie, Lucas, immediately made me think that the geek in him was nothing short of pure awesomeness. You couldn't help but root for Lucas. And if you haven't seen the movie yet, what are you waiting for??


I've seen every movie of his. I've even seen the bad ones like, Dream a Little Dream. I watched The Two Coreys (terrible show) and after the movie, The Lost Boys, I wrote to him and he sent me an autographed picture. *Swoon* I had his face taped up all over my room and in my school notebooks. So, hearing the news yesterday about his death was pretty sad. I don't know why. I didn't really know Corey except that according to Teen Beat and BOP! magazines he was sometimes called Corky and he loved Nascar. I was rooting for him though... that he'd rise above his drug addiction and early child abuse. I was hoping he'd find some happiness. R.I.P Corey.



Every day I am on a journey of self-discovery. Some days I feel more connected to myself than other days. The days that I'm disconnected feel like I am on auto-pilot and letting myself be pulled here or there with no interaction between where or how I go. I just go. But, what I really want are days of full connection. I want to be there actively participating in it all... the love, the happiness, the questioning, the uncertainty, the joy. But how do I do that when I'm too lazy to motivate myself each day?

Well, I'll tell ya. You look online and discover beautiful bloglands of creativity, hope and lesson plans! So, with great excitement I await Radiant Goddess School. Don't laugh. It's a real deal being offered online by Goddess Leonie via Goddess Guidebook. I'm really, really looking forward to it. Her site reminds me a lot of SARK's site. I have quite a few of SARK's book from back in the day. She was my go-to when I needed that extra lift in my step.

I don't know what this path has in store for me, but for some reason I need to follow it. It calls to me and I'm listening.


Emotional Creature

I found this video over at The Kind Life.

It WOWed me. It made me think. It made me cry. It made me smile. It made me love being a girl. It made me want to help every other girl out there love being a girl.

Do you love being a girl?


I peeked. I did.

Does anyone else peek in a friend's shopping cart when you run into them at the grocery? I must admit that it's a bad habit of mine.

Today I saw a friend when I made a quick grocery run and no matter how many times I told myself NOT to look I couldn't help but look. I want to know what they are having for dinner or what they munch on when they have a craving or what obscure things they indulge in when they don't think anyone has taken notice. Usually I find chocolatey, nutty ice cream or tater tots or a Hershey's bar tucked under the veggies and fruits - occasionally there is a scandalous People magazine or a cheesy National Enquirer.

What they have in their cart can sometimes let me in on a private side of themselves. A Hershey's bar in the Exercise Mom's cart means she can let loose every once in a while. The Oreo cookies in Whole Food Eating Mom's cart lets me know that sometimes she is willing to let go of health for one day and opt for taste by letting the kids (or even herself) indulge in high fructose corn syrup. And paper napkins in Eco-Mom's cart tells me that saving the world can be put on hold for this one time because having less cloth ones to wash over the week wouldn't be so bad.

I wonder what other "peekers" out there think when they peek into my cart.


Care for a spot of tea, m'dear?

My mom introduced me to tea houses at a very early age. Her dream has always been to own her own tea house... one oozing with Victorian charm. One of our favorite tea houses in the area is Victoria Rose Cottage. This place is lovely, lovely, lovely!! The food is yummy and the teas are even yummier.

So, last Friday afternoon I decided we just had to have tea. And a proper tea at that! We chatted and had fun and filled ourselves with Peach Apricot tea and Paris tea. The Paris tea was absolutely marvelous!! It was creamy and rich and filled with berry goodness. Since they were out of Paris at Victoria Rose we are on the hunt. Can't wait to find some.

Mom enjoying her tea.

Look at my plate of food! I'm drooling just thinking about all those delicious tea sandwiches.

The drive home topped off our great afternoon. The sky was breathtakingly filled with heavy, rain clouds, the mountains were freshly powdered with more snow, the hills were a carpet of green and the yellow wildflowers were dancing in the breeze.