Hit Pause.

What I caught myself doing this morning:

*feeling sorry for myself
*wishing things could be different than what they were at the moment
*humphing and schlumping
*escaping into the "dark"
*feeling sorry for myself (Oh, i already mentioned that, didn't I?)

So, yeah, earlier this morning I was really letting the negative energy get to me. I then had to hit pause on my day. Who knew we could do that? That small moment of pause helped. I then played out the rest of the morning.

What I caught myself doing later this morning:

*forgiving myself
*letting the "sunshine" in


Knitting and Bread... is it Fall already?

Andie from She's a Rebel offered a wonderful KAL (knit-a-long)for a sweet and tiny Preemie Hat. The hats will go to The Preemie Project which delivers hats to the University of Iowa hospitals. It is my first experience knitting a hat for The Preemie Project and I look forward to knitting more for them in the future. The hat looks almost normal-sized in the picture, but in reality the hat would fit the size of a tiny doll. I love the little I-cord knob on the top. It makes me smile. It also makes me smile to know the hat will, hopefully, be worn soon by a new, lovely little person.

I used Knit Picks Shine Worsted in Grass on #6 needles.

And because I was knitting and feeling kind of "Fall"ish I decided to bake some Strawberry Bread. Oh yeah, I also decided on strawberry bread because I had an almost whole box of strawberries going bad. I have no idea why they ripened so fast. It must have been that one bad strawberry I found in the middle of the bunch. Errrggghhh. The recipe I used was this one found on Joy of Baking. I used plain yogurt and the bread turned out super moist. I also used some vanilla we picked up on our recent Mexican vacation. It made for a perfect taste. Yum!

So, if you are feeling a little "Fall"ish too, why not get out some knitting needles, knit a preemie hat for a good cause and then bake some most delicious strawberry bread. I do believe the world will be alright... at least for a day.



The hubby and I reached a milestone. We celebrated 10 years of marriage on August 29th. I'm just a little late on the posting.

I think he knows how much he means to me. I truly hope my actions and words convey that he is the only one for me. Happy Anniversary!

(A little homemade "love" CD also helps get my message across)

*the song list (just in case you were interested):
just you and me - zee avi
somewhere only we know - keane
honeycomb - jimmie rodgers
the luckiest - ben folds
if you find yourself caught in love - belle & sebastian
we're going to be friends - the white stripes
let's get out of this country - camera obscura
falling slowly - hansard and irglova
red sweater - the aquabats
annie's song - john denver
let's never stop falling in love - pink martini
feeling good - nina simone
best friends - frances england
unchained melody - righteous brothers
lend me your love - slackstring
when i'm sixty-four - the beatles
goodnight, my love - ella fitzgerald