May + Movies = Good Times

Things I'm super excited about right now, this minute, this second:

1.Speed Racer
I am expecting so much from this movie that I hope it doesn't let me down. The colors... the graphics... the music... they all seem awesome.

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
The last Chronicles movie was so good that I can't help but think this one will be just as good. I need another magical journey.

3. Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
It's Indy. Can't go wrong with Indy.



There is something so not right with this:

Mormons Exposed Calendar

Is nothing sacred anymore?! Dear. Maker. Of. Heaven. And. Earth. Now when I see a sweet, innocent Missionary scooting around in his crisp white shirt on his bicycle built for one I will have to picture him a couple of years older all barechested and hunky. I shudder at the thought. It's a sign of the Apocalypse, people. Get your can opener, canned food and bottled water ready. You're gonna need 'em soon. Sheesh. Oh, and don't forget to buy the calendar to keep track of your days underground.


Dear John,

I'm sorry about tonight. Sometimes I speak without thinking. Sometimes my emotions overwhelm me and instead of being considerate I let everything spill out and then I leave it up to someone else to clean up the mess. I guess what I really wanted to say on the phone was...

I miss you.


Who's the boss?

Luke and I ran some errands today and shopped a little. We also grabbed some lunch at Taco Bell. We roll like that. While we ate, we chatted.

Luke: I like Taco Bell.

Me: Me too.

Luke: Mom...

Me: Yeah?

Luke: Do you wish you were a kid like me or do you like being the boss?

Me: *chuckling heartily*

So, who's the boss? Well, apparently, I'm the boss. Right on.


Ahhhh, Gerard Depardieu

Can't get this jingle outta my head. Good times.

Foux de fa fa by Flight of the Conchords


Note to self while doing Friday house chores:

Appreciate everything especially the mundane routine, the ordinary events of day to day family life. For, when you appreciate the ordinary you click into the joy.
-Judy Ford

Forreals, yo.


In a crafty mood

One con about living far from "city life" is that you can't just stroll on over to a shop or hop in the car and drive 10 minutes here or there when you need something. Right now my need is fabric... cute, sweet fabric that would look mah-velous on a special niece who will be celebrating her first birthday this month. So, right now I'm chewing on my lip like it's Hubba Bubba. It's my nervous habit. I want this fabric in my hands ASAP. I can hear the hum of the sewing machine and I can picture myself happily zipping along to the rhythm. I've seen some precious fabric over at Repro Depot but I don't want to wait. And I don't want to pay for shipping. I could be worse off, I know, but this crafty mood is going to end up giving me a bloody lip. Maybe I'll have to divert my attention. Nachos, anyone?


Still dreaming about vacation...

I need a vacation seems to be my motto these days. Isn't it everyone's? With Audrey off from school last week we had our chance to break free of routine and venture out to the coast. Yay! It was one of the most relaxing vacations we've had in a loooong time. I was ready to head back to our coastal dwellings the minute we started driving back home. Here are just a few highlights from our blissful time.



Pretty Friggin' Happy

Happy Thoughts

The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. Lovely thoughts are dancing in my head. It's a good day indeed. And that's no (April Fool's) joke.

My daughter, however, has planned a little April foolin' on her teacher. She gathered her thugs yesterday at recess for a plan to get Mrs. D screaming today. Some talk about scorpions and walls. We'll see how that goes...