This summer has been wonderful. I feel I've really been savoring the moments. There have been some delightfully small moments of just hanging out doing nothing more than chatting it up with the kiddos and the hubster. And then there have been the big moments of seeing my parents and my sis/her fam whom I hadn't seen in over a year.
You never know how much you truly miss people until they are gone. I had forgotten the easy and comfortable conversation I have with people other than my kids and my husband. I've been trying to form new friendships here in Washington and with that comes a certain etiquette and a little shyness.
Having my extended family from California with us was just what I needed. Their visits added some more spice and extra flavor and also a release. There are different conversations you get to indulge in with a mom or sister. There are different laughs you get to experience too. And it's a break from the normal household family routine.
I was able to share our favorite ice cream parlor.
My sis and I bought similar hats.
The kids were their crazy kid selves.
I missed my extended family as soon as they drove out of the driveway. I can only hope we see them again before another year passes.