Feelin' the love

Pic is not mine. I found it on Google (source unknown)
I'm feeling pretty grateful for so many things, but today the one thing sticking out is LOVE. I am grateful to have so many to love and have them love me back.



Round me up another casserole!

I love, love, LOVE menu planning sites. I love that there are people out there generous enough to share their weekly eating habits with lazy folk like me. Right now my family is in Week 3 of this FRIGGIN' FANTASTIC 6 week meal plan. The dishes are healthy which is a MAJOR plus for me. And all meals have been super tasty. Thankfully my kids and hubby are adventurous eaters so they are willing to try whatever I put in front of them.

Last night we had the Sante Fe Casserole and it was yummy! I had leftovers for lunch today and it tasted even better. The recipe is so easy. I'll be adding this one to the list of "Try Agains" for sure.


Mindful Monday: Connection

Meditation is something I believe in strongly and yet so many times I let the practice fall to the wayside or I half-heartedly sit letting my mind wander.

This morning I woke up not wanting to get out of bed. The covers were too toasty, my body was too lazy and my mind wanted to hide instead of face the thoughts that eventually would lead me to action. Before I put both of my feet on the floor I told myself that I would not take care of the dog or the cat or the lunches or breakfast. Instead I would take care of me.

I grabbed my morning glass of water, chose the Connection Meditation from Fragrant Heart(a wonderful site for guided meditations), lit a candle, sat down and honored myself by allowing 10 minutes of connecting to just me before connecting to everyone else. It lead to a morning of being grateful, not rushing and amazingly some real focus. I tend to let time suckers/wasters enter my day when I don't have any real focus. So, being more focused is kind of a big deal for me. I'll take what I can get.


Sunday Stillness

We get very quiet on Sundays. There is no work. There is no school. There is no soccer. There is no baseball. We have large chunks of time to just BE and I love it. And I love that this is something we have been focusing on in Joy Up thanks to Hannah.

Today we took a walk to the creek and Spring is springing up all over the place. These pretty pink flowers are stealing the show. I don't know their name but they shall be called Pink Pleasure for now.