Knowing better

On Sunday I was very lazy and wanted to curl up in bed with some knitting and reading. My daughter had other plans for us. She wanted to take pictures of the wildflowers popping up in the yard and to hang out with some ladybug friends. I tried to make an excuse to not go outside. I was hell bent at that point on soaking up some quality "me" time. She accepted my excuse and as I was walking back to my room I stopped myself. Was I crazy not to take my daughter up on some quality "us" time?? I'm nuts for not wanting to soak up some sun and nature and daughter time! Knitting and reading could most certainly wait. As much as I wanted to hit the mattress and zone out it wasn't what I really needed. I needed to be with her. And from the look on her face when I said, "C'mon. Let's go!" I knew I had made the right decision for my heart and my soul.


Here comes the sun

It's raining again. It's been raining since 10am. I am not missing the sun that much, but I have a few photos to let a little sun in on this dark, gray day.

On Monday afternoon when the rain subsided for a wee bit the kids ransacked the back and front yards for wildflowers. They presented me with half a bag of fiddlenecks. We had some fun gluing them onto cardboard.

An "A" for a special girl's bedroom door

Special glasses just for Me (I saw this project somewhere on the web, but can't remember the site)

Our cat enjoyed that moment of sun too. I grabbed a shot of him as he basked in its glory. I love how his ears and nose look super pink. It is as if someone grabbed a pink crayon and colored them right in.


Vernal Equinox

Spring has finally sprung! We are so glad we had a don't-have-to-be-anywhere-lazy weekend. Little League Baseball season will be upon us soon so we truly treasured this past weekend.

The Saturday before the big shift we ventured up into the Sierra National Forest for some adventuring. Our first stop was La Cabana, a Mexican restaurant. A friend recommended this little gem and OHMYGOSH! I'm so glad we visited. I had a wet burrito filled with shredded pork, beans and rice topped with a deliciously mild verde sauce. My taste buds were in glorious food heaven. The hubby and I have been searching for a truly authenic Mexican restaurant up here in the hills/mountains and I think we have finally found it!! We will be back with my parents.

After fueling up our bodies we traveled along Highway 81 up to Jesse Ross Cabin. We walked around a bit, played in the snow and just enjoyed eachother's company in the "quiet". Snow brings such a different kind of quiet as compared to the quiet found on a rainy or sunny day.

On Sunday, it rained all day here in Central California. The winds circled around our house like Banshees. The weather would have kept most folks in curled up indoors with some hot soup and books, but we decided to head back out into the wilderness. We grabbed our snow gear and headed up Highway 41 to Bass Lake.

We didn't get too far because the roads were closed due to a snow storm. We managed up an un-maintained road but drove back down in reverse for fear we'd get stuck and become some sad news story. The snow was falling pretty fast at this point. Mother Nature surely roared in like a lion this year.


Peace for Japan

Japanese violinist Taro Hakase gives a beautiful, impromptu recital in London to raise funds for Japan's earthquake and tsunami victims.

And Chibird's simple, yet poignant drawing says it all.


A Jolly Green Day

It was all about the green today. Everywhere I looked I couldn't help but notice that beautiful color. And it was fun to sprinkle a little bit of it throughout my day.

Lunch - green grapes, green edamame, clover shaped turkey 'n' cheese sammies and mint bar

Chocolate Mint-Bars for snacking

The world exploding with green on our after-dinnner walk

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


If it was up to them

My kids, like most kids, are notorious "fort" builders. As long as you have some blankets and/or sheets you can turn any area into a magical world. A world where only smiles and laughter and friendship and good things are allowed.

Some days I wish I had a big enough blanket to make a "fort" for the world.

"Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose with no regret. Appreciate your friends. Continue to learn. Do what you love. Live as if this is all there is."
~Mary Anne Radmacher


There must be an e-Mag Heaven because I'm in it

e-mags have become some of my favorite reading material. I can sit at my computer and read away and come back to them when the fancy strikes. There's no bulk, no clutter, and no paper waste guilt.

I am super excited to be reading Heather Bullard's loverly Souvenir. The images are breathtaking and the ideas are so-can't-wait-to-try-'em. You can sign up to receive your copy here.

Right now I also have Sweet Paul open on my browser. The pictures of the food are making my mouth water. And the colors throughout the mag are so very happy that you can't help but smile as you flip the pages.

So, close facebook, grab some tea and set aside a little time to get cozy with these e-mags.


Doodling Doo, Doodling Dee

I had much fun today doodling with Andie. Draw and Fold Over is the most awesome website when you are in the mood for non-solo doodling. Here is what we created:

I must say we were on the same wavelength. The pics are pretty seamless. If you create some, please share. I love the funky characters you can create.