If life gives you half and half, make ICECREAM!

We have never done homemade ice cream. I've wanted to make our own ice cream since reading over all of Just Jenn's AWESOME ice cream recipes. Mmmmmmm. Since I follow the old adage "out of sight, out of mind", the recipes have never become anything more than fond memories. But, summer brings many surprises and this afternoon we gave homemade ice cream a whirl.

Earlier this week I had come across this very neat-o recipe for homemade ice cream via The Crafty Crow who found it via Toddlebits who found it via Family Fun. It's linkapalooza. This recipe is so super easy, so super fast and so super yummy that you'll be eating ice cream in 7 minutes flat. Guaranteed. All you need are some plastic baggies, kosher or ice cream salt, vanilla, half and half, sugar and ice. Oh, and you need some strong arms. I recruited my hubby. His shakin' turned this bag of cream:

into a bowl of delish vanilla ice cream:

So, make it ice cream night tonight!

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Andie said...

yummay!!!! hey tell j-boy love the shirt too :p did he harness his super shaking from the shirt? :D we have to dust off our ice cream maker cos we have some loose frozen olallieberries that asked to become ice cream. heh. to summer!!!