Summer TV Blows

As much as I love summer, summer TV sucks the big one. The only thing I am currently enjoying is Last Comic Standing. It's still pretty early in the comics race, but my hopes stand with Heath Hyche. I nearly busted a gut with his audition routine. It's too hard to describe but it involved a football suit and a dummy. Good times were had in my little world of geekdom.

The one show I keep twirling my thumbs for is the lovely, creative, smart, quirky, easy on the eyes, Pushing Daisies. Where, oh where, has my Pushing Daisies gone? Thanks to the friggin' writer's strike it's been too long since I've seen Chuck and Ned.

Gad, how I miss that show. The latest rumor is that they will return and I hope it's true. For now I bide my TV time with Spongebob (always a pleaser), The Mighty B (weird and strange but I'm oddly drawn to it) and Last Comic Standing (go Heath!). Any summer TV suggestions?

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