You'll only care about this post if you live in or around Fresno

I don't follow much sports let alone college sports. But, around our neck of the woods you couldn't help but follow the College World Series. Our local Fresno State Bulldogs (the underdogs in the land of College Baseball) were in the run for the National Championship and last night they pulled it off by beating the University of Georgia 6 to 1. Awesome!!! Way to go Bulldogs!!! Most news is calling it a Cinderalla Story. And it kind of is. The Bulldogs definitely started out low-man on the totem pole. If you are interested to read more about it, check out Sports Illustrated's story.

Congrats to the Fresno State Bulldogs!!! (And thanks for putting the little city, Fresno, on the map for a day.)
Image from the Fresno Bee

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