It's going... going... gone

The 4-day weekend flew by us pretty darn fast. We celebrated at my parent's place and had a lot of fun visiting and eating. The kids were as colorful as the fireworks.

The Statue of Liberty has some competition.

He should be in a barbershop quartet.

Legal Fireworks. Heh.

Our area played it safe this Fourth of July since California is so super dry right now. Although our legal fireworks weren't as eye catching as the illegal ones some neighbors blasted through the sky, the kids had a great time whooping it up and hollering after each light show.

Saturday night we did some backyard camping. Nothing beats sleeping under the stars on a warm, summer night. We originally wanted to pull out the ol' tent, but decided to camp out on our trampoline instead. We blew up the air mattresses and gathered our sleeping bags for a bed like no other.

Prepping the bed.

Cheering on sunset.

Once the sun went down we knew it was time to fire up the camp stove for some S'Mores.

Dad handles the flames like a pro.

After dessert was out of the way we headed back up to the trampoline to get comfy and to prepare ourselves for a spooky story.

I read Where is my Golden Arm?

We gave the story 3 screams out of 4.

What a happy 4th we had. Can't wait 'til next year!


Ann said...

You guys so rock as parents. The memories your kids have are priceless.

Andie said...

aww that's an awesome 4th!