Moooom! Is it midsummer already?

The kids were bored this morning. With 20 slow don't-have-to-get-up-for-school mornings behind them they are feeling midsummer starting to creep into their bones. I think it was out of pure boredom that they decided our cat, Max, needed to tie the knot. And tie the knot he did. With a kiss to seal the deal and everything!

Poor guy has to spend the rest of eternity with a colorful, bright-eyed, stuffed Panda. The bride looks mighty happy with her coyish grin. Can't say the same for ol' Max. It looks like he's planning some kind of escape. Death by kitty niblets perhaps?

The heat wave hitting us isn't helping matters either. Because I'm not totally organized with activities this summer I decided to let them play in the mud. The kids are alright when anything involves mud.

They did get to pimp it with their "cool ice" necklaces. It sure kept them nice and chilled while they played outdoors. Thank the maker for sites like the Crafty Crow's who share awesome ideas, like the ice necklaces, with the rest of the web world.

And, one of our sunflowers finally bloomed!

I think we're ready to take on midsummer.


Ann said...

I Love sunflowers, your kids are beautiful and two funny with the imaginations.

Andie said...

okay.. i wonder what mcdonalds would have to say about this feline/panda union? hee hee hee!!! love the necklaces i get my trays today! and yay for sunflowers! ours is just starting to unfurl! it's taller than me :p (yah, what or who isn't!)