Noodling this and noodling that

Okay, so I haven't gotten around to posting vacation pics yet. In my defense, I took a lot of pics and it will take a wee bit o' time to go through all of them. But, in the meantime I have to share this very cool site called CharityGuide.com. It's a site filled with different ways you can donate time or money to different causes. I took note of it while browsing a Wondertime mag article because the article talked about Volunteer Vacations. Wouldn't that be a cool way to spend a vacation... by helping others?

The hubby and I have considered considered something like the volunteer vacation in the past through a program named Cross Cultural Solutions. The idea never flourished because we decided we'd wait until the kids were old enough to experience it with us. Cross Cultural Solutions helps connect you to a community abroad that is in need of help. It's kinda like Habitat for Humanity, but instead of helping out communities in the U.S. you help other cultures abroad. So, when I checked out CharityGuide.com I became excited. Their ideas for Volunteer Vacations sound pretty neat and something I'd definitely consider for next summer since some ideas are family friendly.

Now why didn't they publish this article pre-Summer 2008? Darn it. Oh well. The beach and safari we did get were most enjoyably appreciated.


Andie said...

that is a cool vacation idea!

Ann said...

Very cool i am going to have to check this out! thanks for the info .