Summer is over. Kids are in school. Cue the ugly cry.

School started on Monday and my littlest one was off to Kindergarten class for the very first time. Excuse me for a moment. I'm vechlemt. Talk amongst yourselves.

Okay. I'm better now.

Sending the littlest one off to school didn't come so easy for me. It actually was like a punch in the stomach. The kind of punch that you see coming and you know it's gonna hurt like hell, but you just stand there letting it all happen anyways. And I really don't know why I got so emotional. The kids going off to school was an inevitable event. But, I guess the realization that there would be no more little ones running through the hall while I typed away for work kinda got me. I would not be needed, in the motherly way, for a few hours. There would be quiet. The kind of quiet that isn't normal. It's the kind that creeps up on you letting you know that you miss someone. Sheesh, the way of life that I had grown accustomed to for some 5 years would be forever changed. I would change. Audrey would change. Luke would change. I know, I know. Change can be good. But, there would be no more real babies at home. That reality was bittersweet.

So, did they miss me as much as I missed them? Heck no! Their first week of school was a blast. They made some new friends and enjoyed some mother-freeness. I also relaxed a little during the week and realized I'd survive. And I started to remember all those crazy mornings of trying to work and trying to fulfill my kids. You know, those times when Crabby Mom and her super Crabby powers were in full force. And that's when I sat back and embraced the "quiet".


Ann said...

Your babies are beautiful!All is well mom , all is well!

Andie said...

they look so sweet and grown up! omg.. luke looks like a big ol boy now with his cute spike in the front. i was just telling annie i'm not looking forward to empty next cos of the weird quiet! xoxo!!!