What a little gentleman

Here is a brief, but sweet conversation between my boy and our little friend who lives next door.

Luke: Carina, do you want a banana?
Carina: Sure.

Luke climbs up on the countertop and grabs two bananas. He hands Carina hers and starts unpeeling his.

Luke: Oh. Is your banana a little mushy? I'm sorry. So is mine.
Carina: That's okay.
Luke: Would you like a napkin for your banana.
Carina: No thanks.
Luke: How 'bout a knife so you can cut it up? (The kid knives are plastic)
Carina: Nope.
Luke: Okay.

He then gives Carina a huge smile.

I couldn't resist giving him a hug and a big,wet kiss on his cheek and thanking him for being so kind. Whatta guy!

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