WOW! We didn't have giant cats at my old school.

I'm looking forward to October and not just because we get to celebrate Halloween at the end of the month. Making Fiends will finally be accessible via our TV instead of just the internet. Nickelodeon picked up this quirky, strange and albeit sometimes dark cartoon from Amy Winfrey. The main characters are Vendetta and Charlotte. Vendetta is this evil little girl and Charlotte is the good, happy-go-lucky one. I love how evil and good battle eachother out each episode with good always the victor. The hubby doesn't care for it, but the kids and I have been drawn to it like bugs to a light since we were introduced to it close to a year ago. So, to see it come to a bigger screen gets a major "WAHOO!"

If you have 3 and half minutes to spare, check out web Episode 1. Making fiends, making fiends, Vendetta's always making fiends while Charlotte maaakkes friends.

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