I could be making better use of my time, but...

I could be cleaning, knitting, sewing, expanding my mind, "quieting" my soul. But, no, all of that can wait. Instead I'd rather be writing aimlessly on my blog. I have no real purpose for this post except to avoid the unavoidable... doing something constructive that will lead to me feeling less crabby later on today because oh-my-gosh-look-at-all-the-things-i-have-to-do-period-a-mother's-job-is-never-done.

So, if I know this post is leading to a possible activation of Super Crabby Mom powers why do I continue to write it? Well, I know I really don't want to clean right now and although knitting sounds inviting, I don't have any motivation. Sewing sounds fun, but I'm waiting for my oilcloth fabric to be delivered because I'm all about this Reusable Snack Bag project. Expanding my mind seems like a chore right now and hmmmm, now that I think about it, maybe writing is in actuality helping to "quiet" my soul. Go figure.

I wonder if some seemingly useless activities can really be beneficial. It sure would be neat-o if they did because trying to make yourself useful 24 hours is pretty tiring. Sometimes the instant gratification of doing "useless" things might be the best way to spend an afternoon. I mean, if it didn't you wouldn't be reading this blog (Hi, Hon! and Hi, Ann! ;) It's nice to know I have at least 2 readers out there and am not just rambling to myself). And if I wasn't spending a lot of time doing "useless' things, I would never have found these beautiful ceramic tea cups:

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Ann said...

Hi Van
Love the reusable bags and I will pull out my sewing machine for the first time if you want to fly 2000 miles to motivate me. I am behind you on your metal train of thought path right now. LACK-O-Motivation . I so should make a shirt !The mugs rock also by the way! once again you have got me wanting to craft a little something!