Beach Bummin'

I dream about the beach almost every day of the year... almost.

Today, I wish I was at the beach because the weather is getting so nice and I feel like laying down in the sun with the water close enough so that when I get too hot I can run and cool my feet in some oceany goodness.

First, I will need a beach. This one will do.

The beach we found at Hacienda Tres Rios in the Riviera Maya

Okay, now I need a comfortable outfit. How 'bout this?

Sandbox Hat by Roxy

Isla Bonita Top by Roxy

Freestyle Boyfriend Shorts by Roxy

Stitched Leather Flip Flop by AE

And, for tunes... you can't go wrong with a little Slackstring.

I'm feeling pretty relaxed now. Let me just lay down and take a nap...

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