med·i·ta·tion n. A devotional exercise of or leading to contemplation

Luke and his friend enjoying a quiet, contemplative moment at the lake. Ommmmm.

It has been a long road of meditation for me. I'm still learning and finding new ways to meditate and make it more of a habit. Recently, I participated in The Chopra Center's 21 Day Meditation Challenge-Summer. It was an awesome experience and I urge anyone who enjoys meditation or wants to commit to a practice to give these types of challenges a try. If you allow them to, they will have you tap into a part of yourself that you don't get to hang out with very ofen. It's that soft voice inside of you that you sometimes gets ignored because the world around it is too loud.

I have to admit that I have a hard time meditating on my own. I am one of those that need a guided meditation to keep me going and focused. I told you I was still learning.

So, in my search for more guided meditations I found another free meditation site named OnlineMeditation.org. On this site you have a chance to take 12 meditation classes. You begin by learning the basics of Sahaja Meditation. I really like the way the classes are broken up into 4 sections with one section being a guided meditation. I intend to open myself up to a new teaching and give myself some time with that soft voice inside.

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Ann said...

Another friend of mine just told me to check out the chopra centers one on my ipod. I am glad you are learning and learning. I will have to give it a try. I do best with a mantra or guidance also.