Planting seeds of gratefulness

1. Oil pastel color crayons. I love the way color so effortlessly glides onto your paper.
2. Wind blowing through the trees because it sounds like ocean waves crashing into shore.
3. Good books that make you laugh and smile and think and mention Shakespeare about a hundreds times. Wednesday Wars does it all.
4. Surprises of the cake-y kind. Yum! Thanks, Mom!
5. Faraway friends thinking of me.
6. Chickens who get fatter and bigger every day. They are so cute.
7. Questions at dinnertime being our most favorite part of dinner. Thanks to How Does She for introducing me to this idea. My kids love it! But, now I have to come up with my own questions as we are down to the last 5 from the ones the site has posted. Doh.
8. My son using my behind as his punching bag. It's not as bad as it sounds and it reminds me how small he still is and treasuring that he hasn't gotten too "big" yet.
9. Being able to go to my daughter to help me solve game puzzles. She's that smart and I only hope she gets smarter.
10. Mindy Gledhill's voice in this song:

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Ann said...

what a great game with the questions at dinner! I am and always have been one of those parents that makes sure we eat as a family inless there is someone having to work . I think it is such a quality time to talk and get things situated before ending a day.