“Lentils are friendly—the Miss Congeniality of the bean world.”

I'm a big fan of soups. My kids are notsomuch. Well, I should say my youngest isn't. For dinner we had Lentil Soup courtesy of The Sneaky Chef. My daughter ate up her bowl. I can't divulge the recipe per copywright laws I'm sure, but here's a link to the "sneaky" part you add to the soup: White Puree which is made up of cauliflower and zucchini.
I had heard about The Sneaky Chef a few years ago, but didn't think anything of her until recently. Boy, was I missing out!! I've made a few of her recipes and have been truly pleased. The family liked them as well. I'm a new fan! I do divulge the "sneaky" ingredients once everyone is almost done eating. I just can't seem to keep them a secret for very long.

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