Making progress

We had contemplated adding a dog to our lives for some time now. There was always some excuse about it not being the right time. But, when is it ever the right time? I finally asked myself that question and LO AND BEHOLD! we now have a new canine baby.

It's been a journey. Lots of hills, notsomany valleys. Our new pup, Zoe, keeps me on my toes... more than I want to be sometimes. Ha! Most days I would love to just sit and stare at her lovely sleeping face, but she's teaching me about being pro-active and having an agenda and staying on schedule. Yeah, that scheduling thing cannot be messed around with or else you have messes around.

My favorite part is taking a nice walk down to the creek with her. She makes me stop to "smell the roses" although in her case it's more like dead leaves, clovers and blackberry bushes. Taking that time to stop really does allow me time to think about things.

We've only had her about a week and a half, so I'm still learning how to be a "Puppy Mom", but I think I'm getting the hang of it. I hope I am.

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