That moment you made my day and then immediately smashed my ego

I never thought I'd have to start wearing a t-shirt like the sign up above while shopping at Target.  Seriously.  When the heck did Mary Kay start soliciting innocent shoppers?  

There I was minding my own business trying to pick out some jam when I was accosted (okay, before I knew what she was selling it was more approached than accosted) by a middle-aged, caucasian woman with a very cute blonde bob and yesi'llsayit spiffy outfit.  She almost ran at me while sticking her hand out for a handshake.  I had nowhere to run.  She was so close to me I could smell her minty breath as she singsongily said that she saw me and had to let me know I was an "attractive" woman.  My ego immediately ate this up.  Her words made my friggin' morning!! I could have danced right there in the jam aisle.  But, then...

Because I was so "attractive" would I be willing to be part of her Mary Kay project?  Had I ever heard of Mary Kay?  Oh, how I would be her perfect face model!

As soon as I heard Mary Kay I knew I was being pitched a sale.  My heart sank a little because those compliments about my "attractiveness" were just the phony way she tried to lure me in to her pink blush-y, plumpupthevolume mascara-y web.  Oh, Ms. Mary Kay, move along because this chica ain't buying your BS. *sigh*  Getting rid of her took a few minutes because she wanted a piece of my soul.

What happened to the good ol' days when your friends or friend of a friend sold Mary Kay?  Now we have to watch our backs when we go out shopping.


Ann said...

You are a beautiful Chica! No need for mary kay

ButterflyChica said...

thank you! mary kay can bite it. heh. heh.