Om Ma Ni Pa Me Hum

Art from Marlene Koenig via Pinterest

It's so nice when things run smoothly.  Life feels in order.  I feel sane.  I feel in control even though deep down I know I'm not.

But, when things don't run smoothly life seems anxious.  My breathing becomes shallow and I'm reaching out for something to hold onto, but all I 
grab is air.

I want to protect those who are hurting.  I want to shield them from the pains we all must endure at some point in our lives.  I want to protect my 7th grader from lessons I don't think she needs to learn.  The universe sees things differently.

I want to let go.  Let go of things that aren't mine to have.  Let go of comparisons and jealousy.  Let go of my expectations of how I think things are supposed to happen.

This morning I woke up with the desperate need to chant, to pray, to fall.  I found the Sanskrit mantra, "Om Ma Ni Pa Me Hum".  Om purifies bliss and pride. Ma purifies jealousy and need for entertainment.  Ni purifies passion and desire. Pa purifies ignorance and prejudice.  Me purifies poverty and possessiveness. Hum purifies aggression and hatred.

The sound took me to my heart center.  Perhaps I have my own lessons to learn.  

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Ann said...

The universe has called me to your blog today. So many things that have been picking at my soul and you friend are giving me a force field. Thank you