Just a few things Friday

I have a very good friend whom I love very much.  The only thing that drives me nuts about her is that she has a birthday in December. So, every year I rack my brains for a cool birthday gift AND then a cool Christmas gift.  But, 2 years ago she went and had a little bundle of joy (whom I also love very much).  This bundle of joy came... can you guess when?  Yes, in December! 

Poor December babies.  Their birthdays come during the busiest time of the year.

With that said and done I hope you enjoy some of these web goodies I've been eyeing as gifts. Thank goodness my friend doesn't read my blog!

Jane Austen Tarot cards.  How cool are these?!

Jane Austen puzzle book.  Can you tell I like themed gifts?

A Book of Sleep by Il Sung Na.  The illustrations are the sweetest.

Handmade knitted owl hat.  You can get the pattern at Knit Culture.

These cute boot slippers at Amazon.  They are only $7.56 right now!

And, this old school Pearl Jam jam because it reminds me of my friend and driving around town on a Friday night screaming this song and feeling very much alive.

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