Wouldn't it be nice

Long before the hubby and I were married and long before we starting adding kids to our family mixture I had this very vivid and specific image of myself as "Mom". This image had me riding around in a VW Westfalia(pop top) with the kids in the back and be-bopping to some kid tune blaring on the radio. We'd go camping on the beach and make s'mores by the campfire. When we looked around for a new "family" car last year I immediately wanted a Westfalia, but we came up empty-handed since the hubby wasn't ready to buy used. What would of been so wrong with something like this:


Okay. I guess getting a used European car could have been a bad idea. I know it's expensive to get them repaired. So after much thought and letting go, we decided on a Honda Odyssey which is a very cool family vehicle and, hey, their commercials are pretty funky too.

I do have to admit that every now and then I cruise the internet for Westfalia pics just to get my fill. Plus, as much as I love our Odyssey I'm still always on the lookout for VW's newest version of a beloved oldie. Well, to my absolute surprise and delight I stumbled upon Alexandre Verdier's most awesome concept idea for the Westfalia. I was beyond stoked. Feast your eyes on this bad boy:


And he's a hybrid and hydraulic and has solar panels! How cool is that??! I could do without the wood grain exterior, but what a beauty nonetheless. Now, all I have to do is come up with $60K(asking price). A girl can dream, can't she?

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Ann said...

I got to stay in one of these many moons ago and it was great.