Back in knit

I've truly neglected my knitting. 2008 produced 3 projects (I think. I'll have to go through my yarn baskets for a truer count). And of those 3 I really only completed 1. How sad. Sad because knitting is one way to get me to sit and be. Thank goodness 2009 screams of possibility. I sat my butt down and knit up a sweet little nightcap for my lovely little man. It's a pattern from Lucinda Guy's And So To Bed book. I can't say it was the quickest knit, but then again I'm a terribly slow knitter. The little guy is loving his nightcap and I hope it brings only the sweetest of dreams for him.

In other news, we woke up to a very foggy morning. It's our 6th or 7th foggy morning which is on the stranger side for our area. We are supposedly above the fog and below the snow, but these mornings have proved otherwise. I'm not complaining though. I think a wintery foggy morning is beautiful.

The fog has kept me indoors which most likely has helped put me in that knitting mood. It's nice to get back to knitting. It really is a time for reflection and meditation and relaxation. Another nightcap is cast on and I'm ready for more...

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Ann said...

We have had a ton of flog to here and you are right it is nice. As for knitting it is my yoga for my fingers. I love the hat to pieces.
Knit on.