A new year. A new me?

2009 rolled in quite annoyingly this year. I fell asleep around 11:15pm curled in a fetal position. The chills I had along with the body aches and pains were not supposed to happen. I was supposed to rock the new year in with some cheers, smiles and some sweetheart kisses. What went wrong? Was it bad karma?

It sure looked like bad karma from the outside. But, upon further reflection I think it was my body/mind telling me to slow my roll. December had been crazy hectic and I had my fair share of migraines. I think I ended up giving up a little too much free time and by New Year's Eve my body had had enough. She was going to force me to lay down, get under the covers and float away to la-la land.

La-la land was a rest stop. I had a chance to get rid of waste, stretch my legs, clear my mind and slap myself into awakefulness. It was a point in time that helped me put myself first. What did I want? What did I really need? Thinking about these questions then and now will hopefully help me re-connect with those pieces of myself that have somehow been dogpiled under all the mundane tasks and duties that I let control my days. So, 2009, here I come refreshed, awake and ready for the possible.

Here's a wee look at the possibilites that await:
Greet each morning with a prayer

Find time to take baths (I am clean, people. Really I am. I just need to get
out of the shower and relax in a tub more).

Learn how to play the violin

Take more walks

Plan our weekly dinner menus instead of flying by the seat of my pants

Feel thankful instead of annoyed when I have to grocery shop

Take a surf lesson before Fall 2009

Carry my journal with me so I can write whenever the mood strikes

Get our passports so we can travel outside of the US this year

Make a new friend

Wear a skirt or dress at least once a week

Forgive and laugh when I don't do any or all of the above

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