Did I tell you?

I was going through old pictures that are stored in a big ol' wicker chest I have out in the garage and I found a little booklet by Elizabeth Knapp titled Did I tell you? My mom gave me this book a couple of months after I got married. It made me cry because my mom hardly ever expresses her love verbally and finds cards to help her say what she wants to say. The booklet is a truly wonderful way to be reminded of how she feels. I can't believe I've left it out in the cold. It should be inside the house where its nice and warm. Here's a little excerpt on love:

Sometimes I forget to love this way because I'm too busy or too tired or just too filled with excuses. Thanks for the reminder, Mom.

And happy day! You can find copies for sale here.

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Andie said...

aww that's sweet! i love finding treasures like that!