Wouldn't it be nice...

It'd be nice to be outside instead of inside. It'd be nice to be listening to the birds chirping instead of the sound of the computer whirring. It'd be nice to be smelling the fresh pine and the dewy dirt instead of the hamster cage bedding that's ready for a change. It'd be nice to be looking out on the hills stretching themselves out in the morning sun instead of my computer screen. It'd be nice to be holding my hubby's hand as we sit near "toad" rock instead of holding my mouse. It'd be nice to be here instead of working:
The walk-up to the hilltop overlooking the "park"

Almost to the top and seeing the snow-capped mountains and the Chukchansi Gold Casino

"Toad" Rock - well, it looks like a toad to me

Sitting on top of this rock would me a major improvement to a computer desk chair


Ann said...

All of those things sound like what we all need more of in our life . You should just go do it this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I wish I was there! Hopefully we can do it more often. Missing you today... It's Thursday and I'm in the Bay Area right now. Love, me (John)