Care for a spot of tea, m'dear?

My mom introduced me to tea houses at a very early age. Her dream has always been to own her own tea house... one oozing with Victorian charm. One of our favorite tea houses in the area is Victoria Rose Cottage. This place is lovely, lovely, lovely!! The food is yummy and the teas are even yummier.

So, last Friday afternoon I decided we just had to have tea. And a proper tea at that! We chatted and had fun and filled ourselves with Peach Apricot tea and Paris tea. The Paris tea was absolutely marvelous!! It was creamy and rich and filled with berry goodness. Since they were out of Paris at Victoria Rose we are on the hunt. Can't wait to find some.

Mom enjoying her tea.

Look at my plate of food! I'm drooling just thinking about all those delicious tea sandwiches.

The drive home topped off our great afternoon. The sky was breathtakingly filled with heavy, rain clouds, the mountains were freshly powdered with more snow, the hills were a carpet of green and the yellow wildflowers were dancing in the breeze.

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