I peeked. I did.

Does anyone else peek in a friend's shopping cart when you run into them at the grocery? I must admit that it's a bad habit of mine.

Today I saw a friend when I made a quick grocery run and no matter how many times I told myself NOT to look I couldn't help but look. I want to know what they are having for dinner or what they munch on when they have a craving or what obscure things they indulge in when they don't think anyone has taken notice. Usually I find chocolatey, nutty ice cream or tater tots or a Hershey's bar tucked under the veggies and fruits - occasionally there is a scandalous People magazine or a cheesy National Enquirer.

What they have in their cart can sometimes let me in on a private side of themselves. A Hershey's bar in the Exercise Mom's cart means she can let loose every once in a while. The Oreo cookies in Whole Food Eating Mom's cart lets me know that sometimes she is willing to let go of health for one day and opt for taste by letting the kids (or even herself) indulge in high fructose corn syrup. And paper napkins in Eco-Mom's cart tells me that saving the world can be put on hold for this one time because having less cloth ones to wash over the week wouldn't be so bad.

I wonder what other "peekers" out there think when they peek into my cart.

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