I changed my mind

Today I woke up and I wanted to:

~Stay in bed with the covers over my head and not work, or get breakfast and lunches ready

~Eat a really bad breakfast with lots of sugar and no nutritional value whatsoever

~Drink coffee

~Dwell on what I think I'm doing wrong as "Mom"

After a little chat with my hubby (Thank you, Hon!) I ended up:

~Greeting the sun with a smile and doing the daily routine happily

~Ate a healthy egg salad sandwich with a bowl of fruit for breakfast

~Drank more water

~Took a nice walk around the lake to clear my mind and re-center myself

Sometimes I just need a little shake to get me going. I'm grateful for the "shakers" in my life.

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Ann said...

Great blog , glad you changed your mind and have wonderful support!