Here comes the sun

It's raining again. It's been raining since 10am. I am not missing the sun that much, but I have a few photos to let a little sun in on this dark, gray day.

On Monday afternoon when the rain subsided for a wee bit the kids ransacked the back and front yards for wildflowers. They presented me with half a bag of fiddlenecks. We had some fun gluing them onto cardboard.

An "A" for a special girl's bedroom door

Special glasses just for Me (I saw this project somewhere on the web, but can't remember the site)

Our cat enjoyed that moment of sun too. I grabbed a shot of him as he basked in its glory. I love how his ears and nose look super pink. It is as if someone grabbed a pink crayon and colored them right in.

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Ann said...

What a beautiful kitty. Love your glasses !