Vernal Equinox

Spring has finally sprung! We are so glad we had a don't-have-to-be-anywhere-lazy weekend. Little League Baseball season will be upon us soon so we truly treasured this past weekend.

The Saturday before the big shift we ventured up into the Sierra National Forest for some adventuring. Our first stop was La Cabana, a Mexican restaurant. A friend recommended this little gem and OHMYGOSH! I'm so glad we visited. I had a wet burrito filled with shredded pork, beans and rice topped with a deliciously mild verde sauce. My taste buds were in glorious food heaven. The hubby and I have been searching for a truly authenic Mexican restaurant up here in the hills/mountains and I think we have finally found it!! We will be back with my parents.

After fueling up our bodies we traveled along Highway 81 up to Jesse Ross Cabin. We walked around a bit, played in the snow and just enjoyed eachother's company in the "quiet". Snow brings such a different kind of quiet as compared to the quiet found on a rainy or sunny day.

On Sunday, it rained all day here in Central California. The winds circled around our house like Banshees. The weather would have kept most folks in curled up indoors with some hot soup and books, but we decided to head back out into the wilderness. We grabbed our snow gear and headed up Highway 41 to Bass Lake.

We didn't get too far because the roads were closed due to a snow storm. We managed up an un-maintained road but drove back down in reverse for fear we'd get stuck and become some sad news story. The snow was falling pretty fast at this point. Mother Nature surely roared in like a lion this year.

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Ann said...

Those pictures look like pure simplicity and the kiddos are beautiful!