The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman is never cute. He's never up to any good. And once he's stuck in your mind you can't seem to get him out. My poor son has had trouble falling asleep these past two nights because he keeps thinking a "robber" will break into our house and scare us. My son also says this "robber" has a gun. It's breaking my heart to know this image is wreaking havoc in his mind. We are having a tough time reassuring him that everything will be okay. No amount of singing, gentle meditation breathing or sweet stories has been able to clear the image from his head.

And I kind of know what he's experiencing. I can lay awake for hours under the covers with my heart beating a million times a minute when I freak myself out at night before bedtime with a Boogeyman image. Imagination can be good thing but only when you are dreaming of rainbows and sunny skies and little bees that sing, "High Hopes".

So, finally after 30 minutes of laying in bed with my son and holding him close for safety I am now typing away on my keyboard listening to his soft breathing as he sleeps. The lights are off so I don't disturb the kids. The house is quiet too... maybe a little too quiet.

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