Fancy Schmancy

I hardly ever get dolled up. It's no one's fault except my own. After the first kid was born it just seemed kind of pointless to get dressed up unless I was going into the office. And that, my friends, was hardly ever. I was pretty thankful to have a job that allowed me to work from home. My husband liked my stay-at-homeness (I don't think that's really a word), but did not like my stay-at-homeness look. Seeing your wife in the same clothes from out of bed to right before bed is not very becoming. Okay, honestly, it wasn't that bad... but, almost.

I've always wanted to have the motivation to dress fancy almost every day by adorning myself in a pretty dress, cute little shoes, a flawless face and an actual hairdo. I'd love to dress like Chuck from Pushing Daisies. Do you remember that show? That character? If not, here is Chuck rockin' her cute outfits.

I'm not even close to achieving fancy schmancy, but I'm getting there thanks to The Joy Up. One of our assignments was to get fancy... put on a dress, take time to do your hair or your makeup, or wear a piece of jewelry that makes you feel fancy. I coudn't do fancy alone so last night I got the whole family involved in this fancy deal. Why not?! We put on our nicest clothes, had dinner by candlelight on the good china, and had virgin margaritas. Yum! The kids were so excited that they had dressed themselves up 2 hours before dinner!! Even my hubby didn't complain when he put on a tie and some nice slacks. It was so much fun and I'm hoping to make it a custom. Life is definitely too short not to celebrate for no reason except to celebrate. We could easily celebrate in shorts and jeans and on the regular ol' dinnerware, but making it a wee bit more special really adds that little extra somethin' somethin'.

Gettin' fancy.

Ooooh, she's fancy!

I'd like the fancy look to stay. The older I get the more fancy I need. Heh. I may not be able to pull off cute shoes all the time though. Dresses look okay with clunky boots and/or tennis shoes, right?

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Ann said...

all these wonderful memories beat big vacations anytime!