Tea is a cup of life

Making time for tea means you are making time to share, to breathe, to relax, to dream, to open yourself and to just be. Our time for tea started with croquet.

We've had a croquet set for years now but never used it at our old place because... because... well, now I don't know the real reason why. Our old place was dry (meaning the dirt was hard as stone) and our backyard was hilly and I was notorious for making up excuses to not do instead of just doing. But, that's changed.

So, out came the croquet set. And this particular day croquet needed to be paired with tea. I even made tiny tea sandwiches which included ham/cheese, cucumber and PBJ. Oh joy was had!!

We played a round of croquet and then had the most delightful tea party. It was so wonderful to just sit with my kids and truly enjoy eachother's company. There was no rushing about to finish as fast as we could in order to move on to the next project or scheme. We talked about upcoming school nerves and about possible weekend activities. And most of the time we just sat quietly, drank our tea, soaked in the sun and smiled.

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Ann said...

What a beautiful afternoon!