Smart Girls know stuff!

I think Amy Poehler is the new Tina Fey, but 10xs better. If you don't know Amy Poehler (ohmygosh, you don't know Amy Poehler???!), she was on SNL, starred in Parks and Rec (super hilarious show. definitely netflix or hulu it if you want to laugh and laugh and laugh), and she created the cartoon and was the voice of The Mighty B!. Amy is simply the bee's knees when it comes to women comics.

And if she couldn't be more rad, she hosts the very cool Smart Girls At The Party webisodes. Amy interviews younger girls who are basically doing what young girls do; yoga-ing, gardening, writing, etc. Although it is geared to the younger girls, I still love watching them as much as my gal. Smart Girls At The Party aims to "change the world by being yourself". Isn't that wonderful?! If you are a girl (or even not because my son and husband enjoyed some of the webisodes too), do yourself a favor and watch one or two. You'll walk away with a smile and you'll want to join in on the Dance Party. Hey now!

Find more videos like this on the Smart Girls YouTube channel.

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