A Mindful Monday

I love this picture my daughter took of Spirit Lake up near Mount St. Helens. It was a lake created from the eruption in 1980.The water is crystal clear and the area is beautiful. It's amazing what can come from destruction. It's a lesson learned and I'm taking heart.

I'm hoping to get my blog a little more organized by attempting daily themes. We'll see how that goes. I think it will make it easier for me to share what I'd like to share with you.

So, on Monday's I want to try and be mindful. What helps me do that? Well, since you asked (heehee)I'd like to let you know about Notes from the Universe. If you haven't already heard of these, then OH JOY!! These little notes are sent daily via e-mail and they will light you up when you open and read them. They are little reminders of the small things that make up our world. Here's an example:

"The best way to find "love," which, incidentally, is just as true for finding money, is to focus less on these by-products of a life well lived... and more on a life well lived.

Simple is as simple does.
The Universe

Dance life's dance, today, without preconditions."

I urge you explore the whole site at TUTs Adventurers Club. It's the yang to the yin (you know, those yucky days or moments when you think the world and all of its inhabitants just can't seem to make it work). Carpe Diem!

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