Black socks they never get dirty...

Maybe the reason I love black clothes so much is because they never look dirty. That's the thought on my mind today better known as Laundry Day. There isn't anything too special about laundry day. It's a tedious chore that has no beginning or end (at least in our household this seems to be the case).

Over the years I've been trying to move away from the chemicals found in dryer sheets and laundry detergent. There has been a lot of trial and error. A couple of years ago I tried Seventh Generation's detergent but it didn't seem to get our clothes clean enough. Mind you I was still hooked on the thought that fragrance (i.e. Tide) meant clean. A few weeks ago while reading The Kind Life blog I discovered Soap Nuts. Have you heard of these? I hadn't and so I had to try them. I ordered a sample from Green Virgin Products and the rest, as they say, is history. This is my third week using the nuts (After the sample size I went back and ordered the 1.1 pounds bag) and I really dig 'em.

They clean the clothes nicely without a bunch of smelly fragrance and they do a great job on my towels. My second week was a tad iffy, but I think it was because I put the bag of nuts at the bottom of the washer. For some reason it seems the clothes smell fresher when you drop the nuts at the top of the washer once you've put your load in. This week I'm using some drops of lavender oil on my dryer balls and now the clothes smell even fresher!

I'm still a Soap Nuts newbie so my review comes more from the excitement of finding something new rather than a solid history, but I do recommend giving them them a whirl.

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Ann said...

I was having the same problem with the natural cleaners. I have been making my own using , washing soda , borax, baking soda and napfts fells soap and they are coming out wonderful. I have been using vinegar also for fabric softener. I do want to get the dryer balls and looked up how to make some. lol