This is Halloween...

It's finally arrived. The night of ghouls and ghosts and zombies and things that go bump in the night is here. And let's not forget the trick or treating. That is my kids' favorite. Well, maybe it's a close tie with dressing up. So, Happy Halloween to everyone! May you enjoy tonight's festivities... whatever it is you decide to do. Stay safe and warm! Here are a few fun activities we did to celebrate the season.

Funtastic Painted Pumpkin Rocks
~gather a few small rocks, some orange and black acrylic paints and your imagination

Day of the Dead Mask
~get your printer ready with some card stock and round up the crayons for this one. click copy and save on the picture of the color-in mask.

Leaf Banner
~you'll need your sewing machine for this one and leaves gathered from your yard, the park or your neighbor's yard. stitch them all together and hang them up!

Creepy Lunch
~a last minute idea... chicken lumpia easily became fingers of troll, aussie bites became lizard and frog toes, blueberries became crow eyes and a package of applesauce became smushed brains. i hope they eat it all!


Margaret Almon said...

I remember going to church youth group and having "creepy foods"--including peeled grapes as eyeballs!

ButterflyChica said...

It's amazing how much more they enjoy their food when they think it's something gross. Although I still have a hard time getting them to eat veggies regardless of what I call them. :P